Tips to take care of leather products
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Nothing beats the durability and luxury of natural leather. Quality is our number one priority, full grain leather is of the highest quality and all hides are hand selected for the perfect finish. We are passionate about beautiful shoes, so we are passionate about them. We have completed our specialist care range to protect your leather shoes from everyday wear and tear. Always let wet shoes air dry - never dry them with artificial heat. Riding in heels can damage the soles of your shoes and heels. Due to their delicate nature, finishes such as glitter and embellishments should be worn with caution. If you have recently individual or wholesale leather, we recommend using the following items to increase the life of your product.



This high-quality, alcohol-free spray protects leather from water, stains and stains and prevents tarnishing. Perfect for leather, can be used on any material except patent leather, and can be used in any color. For added protection, we recommend spraying several times before wearing. After that, you can continue to spray your leather shoes with additional coats on a regular basis, depending on how often you wear them. Available in small pump sizes that can be purchased online or in stores as large ozone friendly aerosols.


Leather Conditioner

Shoe leather, like your own skin, needs regular moisturizing and conditioning. Our leather conditioner cleanses, nourishes and moisturizes while supporting impregnation. Both lanolin-based and wax-based, ideal for all types of leather:

smooth, patent and even leather-like materials. It also removes surface residue and leaves a glossy finish. We recommend using our polishing cloth.



Softens and protects all smooth leathers, restores natural oils and enhances finish. This is only suitable for medium to dark leather. FUN TIP: Rub

Beeswax into the lining of your leather shoes to soften uncomfortable hard spots. Our beeswax also helps impregnate leather!



When you need a color refresher to add pigment to your shoes, Renovating Polish is the way to go. This nourishes and conditions the leather, refreshing color and covering scuffs and scratches. The polish is a water-based wax formulation that gives an excellent high gloss finish. Recommended for use on smooth or grained leather. Available in a variety of colors to match your shoe collection. Apply with our shoe brush or polishing cloth. Use Instant Shine to enhance color.



This transparent gel cleans, moisturizes, protects and cares for shoe leather. For use on smooth and delicate leathers such as calf, goat, snake/crocodile and especially metallic. Also, this is available in all colors! Apply with our polishing cloth. It also smells so good (how good!) that you can use it on sandals to soften the cutting straps.


Patent Leather Dressing

Black or Neutral Patent Leather Dressing cleans, conditions and shines patent leather, but is also suitable for high gloss synthetic plastics and vinyl. We highly recommend applying a polishing cloth before wearing for the first time.


Shoe Brush The natural bristles of the

Shoe Brush are gentle on leather and spread the product evenly for a glossy finish. Use a shoe brush to remove excess dirt and dust from your shoes. You can also use a brush to apply shoe polish or wax to gently polish your shoes. Use this to apply renovation polish and beeswax.



Superior glossy polishing cloth made from high quality lint free cotton with durable hemmed edges. Use to apply leather conditioners, shoe gels, patent leather conditioners, renovation polishes and shoe gels. Apply a small amount of product to a cloth and gently rub your shoes in small circular motions. Polish your shoes until they are shiny.


Instant Shine

This miracle sponge contains silicone oil and impregnating wax for a superior high gloss finish. Suitable for smooth and grained leather in all colors. Apply to shoes with applicator sponge on first use or after applying Renovating Polish or Leather Conditioner.

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